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What You Need to Know About Hiring a General Contractor

If you are undertaking a commercial construction project, you may be tempted to manage it on your own. However, getting professional assistance will make your project go smoothly. If your commercial construction project will take longer than one week, require permits or multiple subcontractors, you should consider hiring a general contractor. In the following post, you’ll learn the benefits of using a general contractor on your commercial project.

Benefits of Working With a General Contractor

A general contractor is a professional who is responsible for managing and coordinating the construction or renovation of a structure or its interior. Using a general contractor can provide several benefits, including:

Experience and expertise: General contractors have the experience and expertise to manage the various aspects of a construction project, such as coordinating the work of subcontractors, obtaining building permits, and overseeing the construction process.

Time Management: General contractors can help manage the schedule and timeline of a construction project, ensuring that work is completed on time and within budget.

Cost Management: General contractors can help control costs by negotiating with subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring that materials and labor are used efficiently, and identifying potential cost savings.

Quality Assurance: General contractors can ensure that the work is being done to the required quality standard and building codes.

Problem Solving: General contractors are experienced in dealing with unforeseen issues that may arise during construction and have the skills to solve them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Single point of contact: A general contractor provides you with the convenience of communicating with only one person and coordinating with other parties as necessary.

Legal Protection: Hiring a licensed general contractor provides some legal protection in case of any accident or defects in the construction process.


While a general contractor is qualified to manage and oversee a wide range of construction projects, their level of experience and expertise can vary depending on the specific type of construction they specialize in. For example, some general contractors may specialize in residential construction, while others may have more experience with commercial, industrial, or highly specialized areas such as healthcare facilities or educational institutions. Expert general contractors are highly knowledgeable about the processes, materials, and safety measures for the type of construction they specialize in, enabling them to ensure that their projects are completed with precision and efficiency. The level of experience and expertise of a general contractor can also depend on the scale of the project they are managing, with some contractors better equipped to handle large-scale projects and others more suited to smaller, more specialized projects. Regardless of their area of expertise, a skilled general contractor should have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that a construction project is completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest possible standards of quality. Such expertise and experience is invaluable in avoiding costly delays, mistakes, and oversights that can arise during any construction project.

Get to Know IMC Construction

International Management Company (IMC) has an in-house construction management department available to assist you with your construction project. As an established licensed general contractor, IMC provides a full range of construction management services. We will work with you side-by-side to fully understand all aspects of your construction requirement to ensure the successful completion of your project.

IMC’s team of experts have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial construction across multiple industries. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, our team will be by your side.

IMC is a premier general contractor that specializes in commercial construction. From renovations to office, retail, and medical spaces to ground-up construction, we have the experience to manage projects of any complexity.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals that have extensive experience in all aspects of the construction process. With decades of experience in commercial construction, IMC has a long track record of successful projects and includes extensive knowledge of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration’s (AHCA) requirements and regulations for medical space construction.

Additionally, IMC is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience with open communication and a commitment to excellence. See some of our completed projects highlighted below.

Commercial tenant improvement general contractor

Benefits of Working With IMC Construction

Once you have decided to utilize a general contractor, IMC Construction offers several advantages over other general contractors that you may want to consider.

Relationships: We are able to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the projects because we have longstanding relationships with our subcontractors, including architects. Additionally, IMC is able to turn around construction drawings and changes quickly.

Quotations: There is a high level of transparency within our organization. A minimum of three subcontractors are invited to the bidding process for any major scope related to a project at IMC. To ensure transparency, tenants are encouraged to review all subcontractor bids.

Focus on your business: Construction is what we do. Our firm has provided assistance to a number of tenants with limited construction experience who were unaware their subcontractors were not performing correctly, leading to problems, delays, and additional costs.

The Permitting Process: Permitting in Northeast Florida is becoming more difficult due to new stipulations and a growing number of new residents and businesses. By going through the design process and applying for permits during the negotiation phase of a lease, IMC Construction will work to have permits in hand by the time the lease is signed. As a result, construction can begin immediately.

When choosing another general contractor, a new tenant must wait until after lease signing to begin the pricing and permitting process.

As an additional benefit, if the buildout is planned for a new building that is under construction, the tenant’s buildout may be completed in conjunction with the building’s construction. This will enable the tenant to begin operations earlier. If hiring another GC, the building will have to be completed and receive a Certificate of Occupancy before permitting and construction can begin on a tenant’s space.

Prompt Response: Tenants can turn to IMC Construction to fix issues quickly and efficiently, without requiring the help of a general contractor who may be working on another job at the time.

IMC is dedicated to helping you reach your goals by providing you with the resources and knowledge you need to succeed. Contact us with any questions at solutions@imc-jax.com.

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